The Parc-Ex Anti-Eviction Mapping Project aims to raise awareness about the effects of gentrification in Parc-Extension and other neighborhoods in Montreal. We document the local histories and neighbourhood changes and use research, writing and creative practices to hold politicians, institutions and businesses like the University of Montreal and the emerging tech industries accountable for their impact on gentrification. We share a commitment to supporting the self-determination of Parc-Ex residents in their struggles for spatial justice. Our approach combines digital mapping tools and quantitative data with multimedia intervention and storytelling to highlight the effects of and resist gentrification in Montreal. In our work, we are also committed to supporting and following the leadership of community partners and residents, seeking to address their needs and work with them on an informed, consensual, and responsible basis. We work through a non-hierarchical and autonomous collective, and are assisted in our work by community partners, a community advisory board, individual supporters, and academic connections and resources. In all our work and action, we center the context of settler colonialism and racial, patriarchal capitalism.

In all our work, we center the importance of understanding and acting on the context of settler colonialism and racial, patriarchal capitalism.
We also draw from parts of the Indymedia (IMCs) principles of unity:
• We support local, regional and global struggles against exploitation and oppression.
• We function as a non-commercial, non-corporate, anti-capitalist collective.