Community Power Map

This map offers a portrait of community-led projects, actions and organizations which seek to meet Parc-Extension residents’ needs and aspirations, to challenge the housing crisis in the neighbourhood and to put forward solutions adapted to local priorities. You can click on the points and the polygons to have more information about the concerned mobilizations and sites. Data can be added to this map by completing a questionnaire here, with the goal of documenting initiatives and struggles happening in Parc-Extension, as well as sharing knowledge and strategies between various groups and organizations.

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The goals of PEAMP are to support all of the actions that are already happening with the organizations and the tenants on the ground, to fight for housing justice, and to uplift tenants’ abilities to mobilize.

Simone Chen (PEAMP member, and Parc-Ex resident)

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Si vous êtes un groupe communautaire ou un locataire à Parc-Extension, et vous voulez être présenté.e sur la carte / If you are a community organization or tenant in Parc-Extension, and you would like to be featured on the map

Remplissez le questionnaire pour être ajouté.e.s sur la carte / Fill out the survey to be added to the map

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