Evictions Map

This map highlights the distribution and evolution of evictions in Parc-Extension since 2017, based on data collected by the Comité d’action de Parc-Extension (CAPE), the tenants rights association of the neighborhood. A significant increase in evictions, renovictions and repossessions over the last four years can be observed. The data shown in this map only points to the tip of the iceberg, as many evictions are happening without the tenants contacting the CAPE beforehand. The points shown in this map are not situated at the exact address where the eviction took place, but rather in their vicinity, to protect the confidentiality of tenants.

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Most of the data we collected had to do with housing conditions.

But when the changes started in the neighborhood, we began to have people coming in with problems linked to gentrification. We had never seen this before, but it started around the time Université de Montréal MIL’s campus opened in Outremont.

André Trépanier (Comité d’Action de Parc-Extension)